Lincoln High School is the second oldest high school in the city, having opened its doors in 1914.

Lincoln High School is the second oldest high school in the city of Tacoma and is renowned in the community for its timeless beauty. Construction began in 1913 and was designed in a classical Collegiate Gothic style by prolific Tacoma school architect Fredrick Heath. Initially called Lincoln Park High School, the name was changed to Lincoln High School shortly after opening the school. The magnificent Lincoln Bowl was opened in the late 1940's and has been attended by such famous figures as Elvis Presley and presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan. The school was completely renovated in 2007, with many of the school’s outstanding architectural details restored or updated. One hundred years after opening, the school is economically and ethnically diverse, a model of the modern, multicultural urban high school.

Over the years, the nicknames have come and gone, from the Lynx to the Railsplitters, but Lincoln High School is now home of the ABES: Absolutely Better Every Day.

A Renaissance

In the last decade Lincoln High School has achieved a remarkable renaissance in teaching and school programs.  A once dormant drama department now features annual productions.  An award-winning culinary-arts program regularly bests similar programs in the region.

Starting in 2002 with a large grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. the school began to take a close look at the skills needed for teaching urban students and begin work on ways of improving instruction to meet the needs of those students. 


2018: School of Distinction
2017: School of Distinction
2016: School of Distinction
2015: School of Distinction
2011: Lincoln Center KCTS 9 Golden Apple Award.
2011: Lincoln Center OSPI Innovative Schools Designation. Part of the Tacoma Public Schools district-wide Innovation Zone. 
2010: Washington Achievement Award from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction and the State Board of Education.

Lincoln in the News

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